Mama’s Illustrations

Whether you’re telling your story for profit or to raise awareness, Mama can help you publish an amazing children’s book. She went to college majoring in fine art and she’s been illustrating and designing for a really long time. Animals hold a special place in her heart. So she especially enjoy projects that involve animals in some way.

Here’s just a few of or her recent book and illustration projects at a glance:

Water Color with or without Ink

Spot illustration in watercolor . Watercolor style illustrations are very popular in traditional publishing. So I’m adding samples of this style to my page. They cost more than cartoon style work so they are not often selected by self publishing authors but they are beautiful and helpyou sell more copies of your book if you invest in them.

Comic Style: Kangaroo Education

12×18″ spread in comic book style illustraion that taught kids facts abut kangaroos

Cartoon Style: That Hopeful Dog

One of two titles written and illustrated to raise money for a Tennessee animal welfare program

Cartoon Style: Glob Book Series

Illustrations provided to help a self publishing author’s dream come true.

Cartoon Style: Rescue Dog Adopts Kittens

True story turned into a children’s book to raise money for Arizona animal shelter.

Cartoon Style: Pull A Funny Face

The cover art for this book project won an award.

Cartoon Style: The New Adventures of owl & Pussy Cat

Illustrated for author Bob Heyman.

Mixed Media: The Great Adventures of Paddington & Zurich

Writing, editing and illustrations to bring the true story of this famous show horse and dog to life.

Cartoon Style: ALDER

This book title raises money for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.


Mama’s portfolio has grown over the years. It’s not possible to show everything she’s done on this site. If you’re looking for ap articular style for an upcoming project, just ask Mama and she’ll show you what she can do 🙂